Investing in Better Health for the Greater Wilson Community

Committed exclusively to the development of a healthier Wilson community, Healthcare Foundation of Wilson serves to educate and encourage community members to adopt healthy lifestyle choices through the successful funding of health-based initiatives. With a primary focus on grant-making, Healthcare Foundation of Wilson also supports existing funds that benefit members of our community.

Focused Grant Awards toward Health Care Initiatives

In order to make the most effective use of Healthcare Foundation of Wilson funds, we have undergone extensive research to determine some of the largest health issues in our community. Data was obtained from the 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment and the NC Rural Health Action Plan. From our research, we designated the following four specific grant areas to best address the healthcare needs of Wilson:

  • Adolescent pregnancy education and prevention
  • Alcohol and substance abuse awareness and learning
  • Sexually transmitted disease prevention
  • Obesity reduction through healthy eating and active living

In the 2016 Wilson County Community Health Needs Assessment our community reassessed the top healthcare priorities.  The focus areas above remained in the healthcare needs identified, confirming our commitment to addressing these health concerns through our grantmaking process.  A CHNA Implementation Plan 2016 -2019 was identified as a result of the 2016 Community Needs Assessment.  Feedback may be submitted via email through the Contact link on this website.

The grant selection process identifies eligible organizations — 501(c)(3)nonprofits, governmental organizations or schools — that can make a significant impact in at least one of these areas of need, while demonstrating measurable results and a sustainable program.

Our Dedicated Fundraising Campaigns

Honoring previous associations with Auxiliary of Healthcare Foundation of Wilson, the Breast Cancer Care Program, Compassionate Cancer Care Program, Hospice Care Program and Patient Care Program, Healthcare Foundation of Wilson, in collaboration with our fundraising partners, hosts special events to attract donors and other supporters to contribute specifically to these funds. Additionally, community-wide promotions share information on how these funds help our community.  See our news and events for future events.

Learn More About Healthcare Foundation of Wilson Funding

If you’d like to learn more about our fundraising programs or how you can receive grant funding from Healthcare Foundation of Wilson, make sure to check out our grant guidelines or contact us at 252.281.2105.