Helpful Guidelines for Organizations Considering Healthcare Foundation of Wilson Responsive Grant Requests

To assist grant seekers in making the most effective use of their time, Healthcare Foundation of Wilson has developed guidelines to prompt organizations to answer some key questions for themselves, before getting underway with the Healthcare Foundation of Wilson responsive grant application.

Eligible Organizational Criteria

During the annual responsive grant process Healthcare Foundation of Wilson will consider grant applications from tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofits, government institutions or schools in the greater Wilson community, whose funds will be directed toward the enhancement of the healthcare outcomes of the Wilson community.

Healthcare Foundation of Wilson does not fund:

  • Capital campaigns and fund drives
  • Capital such as bricks and mortar, land, vehicles, etc., including construction and renovation projects, for any responsive grant requests
  • Grants to individuals, dinners, event sponsorship or fundraising
  • Grants to for-profit entities or efforts
  • Endowments
  • Retirement of debt or any expenses previously incurred
  • Salaries for current operations, which also includes salaries  in previously approved grants, as sustainability was required for original grant approval
  • Funding of deficient operational shortfalls or funding that substitutes existing funding or debt relief
  • Funds that would be considered a “pass through” to another organization
  • Grants to private foundations
  • Lobbying and activities supporting political candidates or voter registration drives
  • Broad, unfocused requests

Stipulations for Plan Proposals

Successfully awarded grant applications will include detailed plans with clearly outlined goals and ways to measure progress. They will also address one or more of the following grant focus areas:

  • Access to Healthcare
  • Alcohol and substance misuse in youths
  • Healthy Eating / Active Living
  • Mental / Behavioral Health

Priority consideration may be given to:

Additionally, to be fully considered for funding, a grant request should adequately address the following criteria:

  • Financial viability — The applicant organization is financially stable, possessing a greater likelihood of long-term sustainability.
  • Board/Management stability — The organization’s board and/or management represents the community and has a track record of success.
  • Sustainability — The specific program requesting funds from Healthcare Foundation of Wilson can maintain sustainable operation beyond the scope of funding.
  • Collaboration/Partnership — The organization is collaborating or has attempted to collaborate with local and other statewide services/agencies in order to strengthen the program and avoid duplication within the community.
  • Outcome measurements — The program should have outcome goals and specific measurements in place to evaluate success and results.

Examples and forms are provided below.

Code of Ethics

Healthcare Foundation of Wilson is committed to the highest ethical standards in governance, administration, grantmaking and fundraising.  Board members will therefore defer all conversations to the staff of HFW.  See our Code of Ethics Policy for more information.

Healthcare Foundation of Wilson Grant Application Deadlines & Information

Healthcare Foundation of Wilson grant-making operates an annual responsive grant cycle. To be considered for a grant funding opportunity, applicants must meet the relevant submission deadlines found below using the online grant system:

  • January 2 – 31  –  Letters of Inquiry (LOI) must be completed and submitted
  • February 23  –  Invitations are issued to approved LOIs to complete full application
  • March 28 – Completed applications are due by 12:00 p.m.
  • July 15 – Organizations are notified and contracts are issued
  • August 31 – Funding Announcements

As we continue our grant investments in the community, we are also working with partners to define objectives and seek out new solutions and strategic directions to increase impact and address Wilson’s greatest health concerns.  Strategic grant requests are by an invitation only process.

Useful Tools and Templates

If you have questions regarding Healthcare Foundation of Wilson grant application requirements and deadlines, please review our FAQs or feel free to contact us at 252.281.2105.