Frequently Asked Questions About Healthcare Foundation of Wilson Grants & Funding

To provide you with the most relevant and useful information possible, we’ve put together a list of FAQs regarding Healthcare Foundation of Wilson’s grant application process. Please read through the responses below to see whether or not your questions have been answered. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us for more information.

Healthcare Foundation of Wilson Grant Application FAQs

When can I apply for a grant from Healthcare Foundation of Wilson?

Letters of Interest/Intent (LOI) may be submitted beginning January 2.

How does Healthcare Foundation of Wilson select grant recipients?
Grants are awarded based on several criteria, including the size and scope of the proposed program and the potential for sustained success and lasting improvement, in addition to the following:

  • Financial viability — The applicant organization must be financially stable, possessing a greater likelihood for long-term sustainability.
  • Board/Management stability  The organization’s board/management represents the community and has a proven record of success.
  • Sustainability  The specific program requesting funds from HFW can maintain sustainable operation beyond the scope of funding.
  • Collaboration/Partnership  The organization is or has attempted to collaborate with local and other statewide services/agencies in order to strengthen the program and avoid duplication within the community.
  • Outcome measurements  The program should have outcome goals and specific measurements in place to evaluate success and results.
How many grants are awarded each year?
The number of grants awarded in a given year is dependent upon the quality of the proposals we receive, as well as the total funds allocated to existing and newly formed programs.
Am I competing with other applicants for grant awards?
Each application is judged and considered on its own merit. However, Healthcare Foundation of Wilson can only allocate so many funds to be awarded during each grant cycle.
Are only 501(c)(3)nonprofits eligible to receive grants from Healthcare Foundation of Wilson?
To be awarded a Healthcare Foundation of Wilson grant, the recipient can be a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit, school or government organization.
What are the grant application requirements?
Applications will only be considered if the grant-seeking organization is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) nonprofit, school or government organization. Additionally, the proposed program must address one or more of the following grant focus areas:

  • Access to Healthcare
  • Alcohol and substance misuse in youths
  • Healthy Eating / Active Living
  • Mental / Behavioral Health
How do I apply?
To apply for a Healthcare Foundation of Wilson grant, complete a Letter of Interest/Intent though the online application and submit it to Healthcare Foundation of Wilson for consideration.
Is a Letter of Interest/Intent required?
Yes. A letter of interest/intent is the first step to submitting a completed application.
Can we publicize our grant from HFW?
If you are going to mention Healthcare Foundation of Wilson in any press release or other media with regard to the funds awarded to your organization or program, you must notify us in advance, supplying a copy of the communication for approval prior to its public release.
What if I don’t have 501(c)(3) designation?
In order to be eligible for a grant from Healthcare Foundation of Wilson, the applicant must be a recognized tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization,  school or local government entity.
We don’t have a new project in mind, but we do have a fundraiser coming up. Can we apply to the grant program for a sponsorship of our event?
Healthcare Foundation of Wilson does not fund grants to individuals, dinners, event sponsorship or fundraising efforts. The focus is on programmatic efforts that can have a more direct impact on our community.
Do you only fund health care programs?
The four focus areas eligible for funding are:

  • Access to Healthcare
  • Alcohol and substance misuse in youths
  • Healthy Eating / Active Living
  • Mental / Behavioral Health
Can I apply/submit my letter of interest earlier?
Letters of interest will only be accepted beginning in January 2 – 31.  We want organizations to have time to plan the program in order to focus on sustainable outcomes.
What are examples of organizations/programs not eligible for funding?
HFW does not fund the following:

  • Capital campaigns and fund drives
  • Capital such as bricks and mortar (including construction and renovation projects)
  • Grants to individuals, dinners, event sponsorship, fundraising
  • Grants to for-profit entities or efforts
  • Endowments
  • Retirement of debt or any expenses previously incurred
  • Funding of deficient operational shortfalls or funding that substitutes existing funding or debt relief
  • Salaries for continued operations of previously approved grants as sustainability was required for original grant approval
  • Funds that would be considered a “pass through” to another organization
  • Grants to private foundations
  • Lobbying and activities supporting political candidates or voter registration drives
  • Broad, unfocused requests

Online Grant Training Modules

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