A Foundation of Community Support & Investment

As longstanding members of the Wilson community, our collective team has provided support through proactive health and wellness initiatives.  Healthcare Foundation of Wilson’s renewed mission is to invest in collaborative efforts that impact and measurably improve the health and well-being of all Wilson residents.

HFW’s Collaborative History of Giving

Healthcare Foundation of Wilson is the health legacy charitable foundation established in 2014 to support the health care needs of our community. Joining a growing number of conversion foundations, HFW is responsible for managing the assets associated with the former nonprofit hospital. As good stewards of the foundation’s assets, we will continually invest back into the Wilson community through impactful grant-making and fundraising efforts, with the objective of improving health and wellness for all.

Healthy Developments in the Wilson Community

With this opportunity, from 2014 – 2023 Healthcare Foundation of Wilson provided grant programs dedicated to advancing strategic health initiatives in Wilson through four grant focus areas:

    • Adolescent pregnancy education and prevention
    • Alcohol and substance abuse in youths
    • Obesity prevention
    • Sexually transmitted disease prevention

Beginning in 2024 after a strategic planning process, our focus areas changed.  We currently fund initiatives in the following four focus areas:

    • Access to Healthcare
    • Alcohol and substance misuse in youth
    • Healthy Eating / Active Living
    • Mental / Behavioral Health

We believe these focus areas are reflective of some of the greatest health and wellness opportunities in our community.

Invest in the Future of Wilson

Our goal of making Wilson a healthier community is certainly achievable, but we can’t do it alone. Our grant-focused initiative needs innovative, engaging ideas and programs, as well as enthusiastic individuals, to make our collective dream a reality. Contact HFW today at 252.281.2105 to learn how you can apply for grant opportunities to positively impact and invest in the Wilson community.

Healthcare Foundation of Wilson is committed to improving health and wellness in Wilson, NC through a grant-making program with deliberate investment in sustainable, high-impact educational programs and services that enhance the Wilson community.