2024 Responsive Grant Recipients

First Missionary Baptist Church of Lucama was awarded $9,500 to expand their community garden and start a food preparation summer program for youth, ages 5-15. The program will teach children how to tend, harvest, and prepare meals from the yields from the community garden located at the church. The church also plans to expand their Wellness Program, which will include heart healthy and mental health education classes.

NC Cooperative Extension – Wilson County was awarded $5,400 to support four programs sponsored by the organization. The programs are Canning and Preservation Workshops, Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) program, The Healthy Food Challenge, and Global Gourmet. Each program supports hands-on, healthy eating, and active living activities for youth and residents in Wilson.

Seeds of Hope Wilson was awarded $10,000 to support multiple programming options that increase awareness and opportunities for Wilson’s citizens to have access to fresh produce and goods. Participants in their programs will trade seeds with other gardeners, build raised garden boxes, and learn about pollination and honey harvesting. They will also continue providing food and toiletries to those in need in their “Neighborly Food Closet.” Seeds of Hope also partners with youth organizations to offer afterschool education courses focused on gardening, social awareness to food insecurity, and creating farm to table meals.

St. James Christian Church was awarded $8,000 to expand their food bank operations. Not only will the church be able to increase the number of residents they can serve through their bi-monthly distribution events, but they will also offer deliveries to seniors who are homebound due to medical conditions.

The Arc of Wilson County was granted $6,250 to continue the healthy living focus implemented during Camp Sunshine. Camp Sunshine supports participants with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Campers and their families will be encouraged to exercise daily and make better food choices to help build healthy habits and improve overall wellness.

Wesley Shelter, Inc. was awarded $17,885 to develop a fresh food pantry and wellness program for the clients they serve. The funding will help provide nutritional education workshops, meal prep courses, access to healthy food options on site, and physical activity programs to support the physical and mental health needs of domestic and sexual violence survivors.

Wilson Community College was granted $14,044 to address the growing need for mental health support for the employees and students at the college. The funds will initiate an Employee Assistance Program and allow the college to continue offering the Student Assistance Program. Counseling services will be available via face-to-face, virtual, or telephone options, which will help meet the diverse range of needs for its staff and students.

Wilson Community College was granted $18,000 in collaboration with Wilson County Cooperative Extension to offer CPR and AED classes in Spanish to Wilson County farmworkers. The objective is to train supervisors from multiple farms in the Wilson community, then they will train employees at their respective farms how to use the lifesaving techniques and equipment.

Wilson County Department of Social Services was awarded $38,300 to continue Eat Smart, Move More.  The focus will continue to promote healthy behaviors including weight loss, education on nutrition, and physical activity. They will also continue to partner with local community organizations to provide education to children and families.

Wilson County Department of Social Services was granted $11,500 to continue offering Making Proud Choices, an evidence-based pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention curriculum for youth ages 12 to 18. This program provides adolescents with the knowledge, confidence, and skills necessary to reduce their risks of STIs, HIV and pregnancy.

Wilson County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) was awarded $38,000 to continue their Community Paramedic Program. The purpose of the program is to support post-overdose response, falls reduction, community wellness, and readmission reduction due to drug use. The Community Paramedic supports Wilson residents by creating customized plans and personal check-ins to decrease readmission to the hospital for those with substance misuse issues or for the elderly population that have experienced serious injury due to falls.

Wilson County Health Department was awarded $60,000 to decrease the financial barriers that often hinder care for those uninsured or underinsured. The grant will support the cost of transportation, lab fees, and medical supplies for patients who cannot afford the expenses. The grant will empower patients through innovative solutions that promote self-care.

Wilson County Interfaith Services – Hope Station was granted $41,160 to purchase fresh produce from local farmers to maintain Hope Station’s commitment to offering healthy food options to help reduce and/or prevent obesity. The funds will also be used to purchase healthy shelf-stable food to replace what is not collected in food drives. Participants in the Eat Healthy, Move More program will also set health and fitness goals that will support a more physical and healthier lifestyle.

Wilson County Schools was awarded $43,075 to expand the PGA Tour First Tee Golf Program to 4th and 5th graders in the 13 elementary schools. First Tee is a nationally recognized golf program that builds kids’ confidence and character while also providing physical activity for overall health. The program provides the training, equipment, and lesson plans that integrate life skills and values with the game of golf.

Wilson County Schools was awarded $150,000 to provide an adaptive and inclusive playground for students with special needs at Darden Middle School. The playground will allow the students the ability to participate in outdoor activities like riding an adapted swing, ramps, and safe spaces to crawl and play. The play area will also provide opportunities for all of the school’s students to play together. The play area will be open to parents and caregivers of children who need adaptive equipment during non-school hours.

Wilson County Senior Activity Center was awarded $15,200 to encourage healthy eating, active living, and exercise for participants aged 55 and older. The Senior Center will provide six-week sessions that allows participants hands-on healthy cooking experiences, cooking supplies, and other essentials to promote healthy eating in their homes. Seniors will also have a chance to participant in the Walk with Ease program to help reduce pain related conditions, increase balance, improve walking pace and their overall health.

Wilson County Senior Activity Center received $18,500 to create an education program about the symptoms, resources, communication techniques, and future planning for families and individuals who are aged 55 and older and affected by a dementia diagnosis. Sessions will be designed to empower seniors and their caregivers. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in activities including arts and crafts, fitness classes, music, and social connections through the academy, along with learning strategies to support their loved ones.

Wilson County Substance Prevention Coalition was awarded $37,500 to continue to assist with transportation, detox, and treatment costs for the clients of Hope Alliance. The program also helps to create, support, and maintain a relationship not based on punitive action between the Wilson Police Department and those who suffer from substance use disorders. Hope Alliance was created in 2017 to reduce the stigma related to substance use disorders and to reduce barriers to detox and treatment for substance use disorders.

Wilson Education Partnership was awarded $14,000 to expand their Career Health Connections initiative. Students participate in an eight-week program where they visit area healthcare facilities to learn more about the career pathway. The funds will also support the “Learning from the Locals” video library and connecting guest speakers to Health Science classrooms. Last, students will continue to participate in mock job interviews to improve their abilities to speak in public, make community connections, and build confidence.

Wilson Parks and Recreation received $7,400 to continue an exercise program in a group setting for school-aged children, teenagers, and adults with intellectual disabilities. The program will focus on increasing activity frequency by offering weekly exercise classes and incorporating nutrition education and healthy snacks.

Choices Women’s Center was awarded $15,000 to provide education and material support for clients from pregnancy until their child turns one. The classes will be offered in-person and through a virtual platform to help new parents learn how to support their child during their first year of life. Participants will also have the opportunity to earn clothing, food, and educational toys to support their growing child.

Wilson Youth United dba The SPOT was awarded $20,930 to implement a music therapy program. Services will be available in small groups, a minimum of once a week, as well as through family engagement programs. Students will have the opportunity to learn mental and behavioral health techniques while being exposed to a variety of musical instruments.